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Elaine Clayman is both a commissioned portrait artist and a contemporary narrative figurative painter.  Her work captures the imagination of the viewer as the protagonists reflect the tale.  Her stories are meant to offer transparency, thereby capturing a glimpse of the soul of the subjects, just as they cross the line, leaving the audience to complete the narrative.


Elaine is a native New Yorker. She has studied at the Salmagundi Art Club and the Art Students League of New York. In her early career, she was mentored by celebrated Harlem Renaissance artist, Charles Alston.  Elaine has also studied with renowned painters, Steven Assael and David Grey. She is currently working with key art figures, Eric Michelson and Donelle Estey.    

Elaine has been featured in many exhibitions in New York City, including solo and group shows at the Salmagundi Club, Denise Bibro Gallery of Fine Art NYC, Jewish Art Salon, Superfine NY, Heller Museum NYC, and Ceres Gallery NYC. Elaine has co-authored a book titled “ART SPEAKS POETRY / POETRY SPEAKS ART”. She is a member of Audubon Artists and an Elected Member of Allied Artists of America. Allied Artists invited Elaine to be Historian of their prestigious organization.

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