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elaine clayman

Born: New York, NY

Lives and works in NYC



1969 – 1972           City University of New York;  Studied with Charles Alston                 

1972 – 1985           The Elaine Clayman Gallery; Owner/Director, Nyack, NY                

1972 – 2012           Self-taught

2012 – Present      Gilda and Henry Block School of the Arts 92StY, NYC

                               Studied with Eric Michelson, Jim Minet, Donelle Estey

2016                       Salmagundi Club, NYC ; David Grey Workshop

2017                       Private Studio of Steven Assael, NYC ; Studied with Steven Assael      

2018                       Art Student’s League, NYC; Hugo Bastidas Workshop


 2018                      Milk Gallery, NYC, Superfine NY Fair, Ceres Juried,  "Crossing                                        the Line" honored by Superfine NY as one of best in category           

 2018                      Audubon Artists.Org – 75th ANNIVERSARY CATALOG Original Oil                                 “The Doormen of New York”   

 2018                      Elected into the Membership of Allied Artists of America

 2018                      Selected to be Editor of Newsletter, Allied Artists of America



2019                      Ceres Gallery, NYC, “Gated Community”

1972 – 1985          Elaine Clayman Gallery, Solo Exhibitions



2018                       Salmagundi Club, NYC Allied Artists of America Group Show

2018                       Ceres Gallery, NYC, “Doll Show”

2018                       Ceres Gallery, NYC, “Raising Women’s Voices”

2018                       Salmagundi Club, NYC, “Going Postal”

2012 – Present      Gilda and Henry Block School of the Arts 92StY, NYC                                                       Annual Exhibition

1972 – 1985           Elaine Clayman Gallery, Nyack, NY, Group Shows



Amanda Persaud, NYC

Gabriel Rosario, NYC

Mark Nadler, NYC   

Sebastien Laboureau, Curator of Art, Sagamore Hotel, Miami, Florida

Justine and Mark Bray, NYC

Joan and Peter Bray, Cambridgeshire, England

Liza Pastore, Gaithersburg, Md.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert DeVita

Brey Brownlie, NYC

MacDonald White,

James Waddell, NYC

Amy Goldberg, Boca Raton, FL


Selected Bibliography


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